According to renowned argentine guitarist and folklorist Atahualpa Yupanqui, the main theme of Latin-American folklore and traditional music can be resumed in two elements: mankind and nature. Therefore, the necessity arises to give the audience a geographical context to the areas from which both artists are native, and in this way gain a better understanding of the influence of nature on their creativity.
Antonio Lauro is originally from the Venezuelan region of Guayana in the east of the country. This area is marked by breath-taking and exotic nature. The German scholar Alexander von Humboldt explored this region in the 19th century. In 1898, the famous French writer Jules Verne described the region of Guiana in his work “The Mighty Orinoco”.
Here you can find the “Guiana Shield”, one of the oldest geological formations on our planet, as well as the highest waterfall in the world, “Kerepacupai Venà”, also known as “Angel Falls”. The Orinoco River is the third largest and most plentiful river in the world, after the Amazon River and the Congo River. Breath-taking views and scenes of the region of origin of both artists will give the spectator a better understanding of the influence of nature on their creative powers.